Anne Sinclair radiant with Robert Badinter for a poignant piece

Appointment was made on April 3 at Anthony theaterin the 10th arrondissement, to attend the performance of Cell 107an adaptation of the book by Robert Badinter. A meeting with the former Minister of Justice was also planned at the end.

The spectators were therefore able to applaud the performance of this play, the staging of which was signed by Denis Podalydès and Bernard Murat with lights by Stéphanie Daniel. On stage, it was necessary in particular to find Denis Podalydès who therefore has a double hat as well as Benjamin Lavernhe, Bernard Murat, Maïka Loukairim, Aksel Carrez, Michäel Pelissier and Nicolas Verdier. The troupe was warmly congratulated by an audience made up of many personalities such as the former star journalist of the small screen, Anne Sinclair. But she was not the only known head of the photo call since we were also able to see Pascale Arbillot pass (who we currently find in the series Funny on Netflix), the former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, Denis Olivennes or even Karine Tuil and her husband Ariel Toledano, Jean-Marc Dumontet, Laurent Fabius…

The story of the piece: “Fresnes Prison, Cell 107. On the night of October 14 to 15, 1945, Pierre Laval, former head of the Vichy government, sentenced to death by the High Court of Justice, awaiting execution, received a visit from René Bousquet, former chief of police in Vichy, from April 1942 to January 1944. No one knows what was said during this final meeting. Pierre Laval, after an attempted poisoning, was shot on the morning of October 15, 1945. René Bousquet was acquitted by the Court of Justice in June 1948. Robert Badinter imagined the ultimate dialogue in the death row cell between these two men, who each collaborated at their level with the Nazi leaders, but whose legal destiny was so different.

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