Annecy: “Henri has shown that we can still believe in things that are beyond us”, believes Bayrou


Yanis Darras
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11:16 a.m., June 11, 2023

The president of the Modem François Bayrou was the guest of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / Cnews / Les Echos this Sunday. A few days after the stabbing attack in Annecy, the mayor of Pau returned to the courage of Henri, 24 years old. The latter pushed back the assailant, while he had only a backpack as protection against the assailant.

It’s an attack that no one wanted to imagine. However, last Thursday, a man stabbed six people in a playground, or near it, in a park in Annecy. A shock for the city, but also for the French, when four young children aged three or less were among the victims.

But one man stands out in this drama: Henri, 24 years old. The young man, who goes around France to discover the cathedrals, did not hesitate for a moment to repel the assailant while he was walking on the Pâquier, a large green esplanade located near the lake. from Annecy.

“It’s a human attitude”

“This boy was brave, not to prove something, but to do something”, underlines on the set of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / CNews / The echoes. And to add: “Most of the gestures that the media and social networks relay, in our model of society, are made to show, to prove something. He (Henri’s note), he simply went there”.

“It’s a human attitude. He courageously pursued the author of this unimaginable aggression. He ran after him. And it proves that, while everyone says that it is a society where courage has disappeared”, that this is not the case, judges the High Commissioner for Planning.

“He showed that it wasn’t true and he showed that we could still believe in things that are beyond us.” But François Bayrou warns: Henri’s gesture “is not the gesture of a French Catholic Christian, it is the gesture of someone who is responsible for his own, in front of his human brothers”, he explains. . A way of not pulling in the “sense of religious adherence”, even though the 24-year-old young man highlights his faith in his interviews.


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