Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale: Solving relationship problems in quarantine

Relationship in a confined space? It can crack. When the nerves are bare and frustration and boredom return, the partners can easily upset each other. And the bad thing: You can't even flee. Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale can also sing a song about it. But the two got a bit creative and took preventive measures that make their fans smile.

The somewhat different mouthguard

Wayne Carpendale is getting a bit annoyed by the talk of his loved ones. No problem! The actor makes short work and tapes his wife's face with tape. He posted a photo of it on Instagram and cheekily wrote under it: "Day 8 – It's always better with us!". A positive side effect: Annemarie is also protected against the corona virus.

Revenge is sweet

Of course, the moderator does not put up with this and strikes back. She wraps her dear husband with parcel tape and parks him on the head in the corner with cardboard. "Finally rest in the box✌?", she writes under the picture. Yes yes, revenge is sweet.

So that's what it looks like at Carpendale. Thanks for the amusing insight. And if you need even more ideas on how to manage a relationship in a small space, we have 10 more tips for you. And they do not involve tape – I promise!

Who is Annemarie Carpendale?

  • Annemarie Carpendale is a German moderator and singer.
  • Among other things, she moderates the ProSieben magazines "taff" and "red!".
  • Annemarie Carpendale was born in Hanover on October 29, 1977.
  • She has been married to Wayne Carpendale since 2013, together they have a son named Mads.

Source used: Instagram