Annika and Frederick Lau show cute pictures from home

Annika & Frederick Lau
Surprisingly private insights reveal her daughter’s sweet surprise

Annika and Frederick Lau only very rarely give insights into their private life together.


Annika and Frederick Lau recently had the honor of taking part in a special dinner: Little daughter Lieselotta invited them to her children’s room restaurant. You can find out in the video why the couple thinks this idea is so cute.

“Finally time for two again!”, That was the motto of Annika Lau, 42, and Frederick Lau, 32. The couple made a very special dinner for the occasion, because their daughter Lieselotta, 7, spoiled them both Program compiled. Actually, the couple rarely gives insights into their private life with the three children, but they are so touched by this surprise that they share it with their fans on Instagram.

Annika + Frederick Lau: Date in the nursery

Your daughter has prepared a dinner date for her parents in her children’s kitchen. For this she put together a menu and even wrote a suitable menu card. There are still a few misspellings in it, but that only makes the whole situation cuter. You can see the cute shots in the video.

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