Announcements by Jean Castex on domestic violence: is the state up to the task?

November 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In this context, the government announced measures to fight domestic violence in France. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the year 2020 showed a 10% increase in declared domestic violence. The Prime Minister has therefore announced more accommodation places, serious danger telephone devices, or the launch of a week of equality between girls and boys at school.

Announcements of an increase in resources that do not convince the association We All. “The opening of 1,000 emergency accommodation places, as in 2019. Problem? The associations have still not seen these places see the light of day. The deployment of 5,000 anti-reconciliation bracelets: there are 220,000 women victims of domestic violence”, details the collective on Twitter. Nous Tous denounces a posting policy and emphasizes that in 20218, already, “the government had announced the establishment of equality referents in high schools”. Balance sheet, according to the association: “3 years later, the announcements are unsuccessful. The #NousToutes survey in June 2021 revealed that 2 out of 3 high schools do not apply the law. The staff have neither means nor resources”. The collective also has its own proposal concerning education.

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The collective indeed offers a sort of patent against violence, which must be taken during schooling, on the model of road safety training certificates. It would include kinds of evaluations, but above all it would be a way of opening up discussions and debates in order to be able to verbalize certain things. “There is no inevitability in violence”, reminds Us All, and education as well as means commensurate with the problem can make it possible to eliminate them.

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