‘Annoyed’ Adele about her famous meme: ‘They filmed me against my will’

“Annoyed” Adele over her famous meme
“They filmed me against my will”

Adele performing in London.

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Adele doesn’t like being famous. This is how the singer now explains her annoyed facial expression, which went viral.

The British singer Adele (35) doesn’t like being a celebrity. With this she also explained her famous meme, which shows her – apparently annoyed – at an NBA game. At one of their performances in Las Vegas she told People magazine how it came about. “Remember that viral meme of me looking like I don’t give a damn? I’d like to give some context to that meme,” Adele said. She added: “I know it sounds crazy, but I really don’t like being famous, okay?”

According to the report, she continued to talk about the situation at the time, saying that she was sitting on the sidelines at the basketball game while her partner, sports agent Rich Paul (42), was talking to other people. “I was fine. I didn’t mind. I was just there looking for Michael Jordan, to be honest,” Adele told the audience.

“They are filming me against my will”

She then reported, according to People, that people came up to her with a camera and asked if they could film her. “I said: ‘Please don’t.'” Apparently in vain: “They came back and filmed me,” said the singer, who also explained how the rumors about her supposedly injected lips came about. “I have naturally big lips… I don’t need fillers,” she said. “The reason I looked like a different person was because I was sulking. Because I thought, ‘These idiots are back and filming me against my will.'”

She had no idea that the recordings of her would be broadcast on television. “I was just really upset because I asked not to be filmed. Plus, my face is very funny. I can’t help it,” she joked.

The superstar will appear in Las Vegas with the show “Weekends with Adele” until June. Afterwards, the German fans can enjoy Adele’s facial expressions. The exceptional artist will be coming to Munich for several concerts next summer.


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