Another baby? According to the study, this number of children is the most stressful

Still planning offspring?
According to the study, this number of children is the most stressful

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Children are magical – most of the time. And they are really tiring. But according to a study, how strenuous they can be depends primarily on their number. Makes sense, right?

by Linda Berger

In this country, the classic family consists of two adults and two children. There are houses, apartments and… Cars…pretty much everything lined up. But what about our nerves? Maybe this was just made for a child? Is it relaxing when you have more than two children or is everything after three children hell on earth? What number of children demands the parents the most in everyday life?

The creators of the website “” investigated this question and asked 7,000 mothers about their stress levels. What came of it? That life with three children is the most stressful. 60 percent of mothers surveyed said they simply don’t have enough time to get things done. 72 percent of mothers were stressed about feeling stressed.

And what is the most relaxed number of children now?

What is actually the ideal number of kids in the house? According to psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor feels less stressed with four children. This is because with this number of children you stop trying to do everything perfectly and it becomes easier to let go. “There is simply no longer enough space in our heads to think about perfectionism,” says the mother of four, psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor. However, from her point of view, having many children is important: “The more children you have, the more self-confident parents you are,” says Taylor.

And now the gender question: boys or girls?

Loud, rowdy boys and sweet, crafty girls? Anyone who adheres to gender stereotypes is wrong. Boys are by no means the more strenuous. 60 percent of mothers found life with daughters far more stressful than life with sons. Is this due to puberty? The hormones definitely play a part in this too.

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