Anthem for iOS: discovering music for the TikTok generation

Every year, Spotify provides a reliable overview of everything you’ve listened to on the platform. With Anthem, as part of our little NextPit coffee break, we want to introduce you to the Anthem app for iPhones, which, in combination with Spotify, can expand your musical horizons.

  • The Anthem app for iOS uses the concept of TikTok to expand your knowledge of music.
  • Anthem is free and only available in English.
  • The app works with Spotify in a paid and a free version.

During my journalism studies in Brazil, when I could still imagine pursuing a career with a focus on music, a fellow student said to me: “The more I know about music, the less I know about music”. Luckily, these days there are many different ways to expand our knowledge of music.

In that sense, the Anthem app is the latest hype for anyone looking to explore the Spotify database in a new, fun, and personalized way. The app uses the concept of TikTok-like feeds to suggest songs based on your favorite genres and artists.

Why is Anthem worth downloading?

The developer says: “Anthem makes Spotify as immersive as TikTok!” But what does that mean in plain language? As some of you may already be aware of from TikTok, Anthem uses what appears to be an infinite vertical feed of content to recommend new music discoveries based on your Spotify history. In other words, you can just swipe your smartphone screen to discover new music, and there are even some social features like sharing your new songs and favorite artists with other members.

After downloading and installing the app, you need to connect Anthem to your Spotify account. The app then analyzes your streaming history and prompts you to select your favorite tracks from a list created based on your music feed on the platform. You also have to join at least two of the clubs offered by the app. Once that is done, you will receive your suggestions.

If you don’t use a premium account with Spotify, that’s no problem either. Anthem works with both free and paid versions of Spotify.

Anthem is easy to use and a great option for discovering new music / © NextPit

The app is very well designed, intuitive and really easy to use. My only criticism relates to the fact that the music suggestions and the number of clubs to sign up are still limited. However, an expansion appears to be in the pipeline, as is an Android version of the app.

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How secure is the Anthem app?

The App Store privacy policy states that the developer of the app – Anthem App, Inc. – may collect data linked to your identity to use contact information and identifiers. As for data not linked to your identity, usage and diagnostic data may be collected. The developer’s full privacy policy can be found here.

To use the app, you need to link the service to your Spotify account. To do this, you need to agree to some permissions, such as access to Spotify account information, i.e. username, profile picture and public playlists, recently viewed content and the ability to create and edit private playlists.

As far as data protection is concerned, I haven’t encountered any problems in general.

Anthem app ios privacy

To use Anthem, you need to link the app to your Spotify account / © NextPit

So are you ready for Anthem? Do you already know the app? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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