Anthony Colette: Extremely rare photo with his mysterious darling, the dancer shines on vacation

She’s a young woman who we hardly ever see: for more than a year already, Anthony Colette is a happy man in love with a pretty blonde whom he fiercely protects from all media coverage. However, this Sunday, August 14, 2022, he made a very rare exception to the rule by posting a photo of them on vacation.

Currently in Ibiza, the couple had fun taking pictures of themselves in the middle of a kiss, a snapshot posted in story on the dancer’s account. However, there is no question for him to show the face of the one who shares his life: the young woman is protected by a smiley to preserve her identity. Moreover, no information on her has filtered, except her job: makeup artist!

She was my makeup artist had he revealed in October 2021, in an interview for the magazine Audiencerecounting that their meeting had taken place in Dance with the stars. “I fell in love, and she, not at all at first. She wondered what I had to stick to her, to make myself constantly put on foundation. Sometimes I had to end up brown on stage! Today we are fine. You have to have a stable life off TV or you’ll go crazy. (…) This is also why I preserve us a lot, that I do not display it, for the moment in any case“.

And apparently, time has given reason to the one who discovered a vocation as an actor in Tomorrow Belongs To Ussince the young dancer is still so happy with his girlfriend with whom he is sharing a great vacation this summer.

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