Anthony Colette injured, the Dancing with the Stars doctor advised him to “stop” the show: “I’m really in pain”

This is a big blow for the participants of season 13 of Dance with the stars. Despite a good performance, dancer Anthony Colette may have to abandon the competition. Suffering from lumbago as the semi-final approaches, Natasha St-Pier’s partner must listen to the doctor’s recommendations. This is what the dancer, and now streamer, revealed during a Twitch live, this Sunday, April 14. “The doctor told me: ‘You have to stop the show for at least a month to recover.’, he revealed. Anthony Colette said he “busted the back” by performing lifts with his partner, during the third bonus of the season. Something usual for an athlete, but not this early in the season.

Devastated by the news, the 29-year-old young man finally decided to continue the adventure on TF1. Motivated to take his partner as far as possible in the competition, he “takes a lot of pills, [il] try to stretch but hey, [il] don’t do it very seriously”. But by not listening to medical advice, Giulia’s darling unfortunately aggravated his injury. By forcing and pulling on his back every day, Anthony Colette suffers. “I’m really hurting, I’m gritting my teeth”, he specifies during his live. Carried by adrenaline during training sessions and during his appearances in front of the jury, the one who played in Tomorrow belongs to us affirm that “the next morning, it’s horrible”.

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Anthony Colette annoyed by the controversies?

For the first time in the history of Dance with the stars, a controversy causes more talk than the candidates’ performances. At the start of the season, a big argument broke out between Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg, who then settled their scores on social networks. Since then, viewers have been scrutinizing the slightest reactions of the two women, as well as those of their respective dancers: Anthony Colette and Christophe Licata. During one of the bonuses, Anthony Colette was widely talked about because of his attitude, which was considered inappropriate. As Inès Reg finished her dance to thunderous applause, everyone stood up to congratulate her… except the dancer. On social networks, comments were quick to arrive. “Why doesn’t Natasha St-Pier’s dancer want to get up???”asked a first Internet user after another wrote: “Anthony Colette if you think we didn’t see you say ‘No, I’m not getting up’ after Inès Reg’s dance.” Tensions seem far from eased.

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