Anti-5G wristbands: Dutch authority warns of radioactive radiation

The next 5G radio standard is heating up people: Individual critics of the Telegram generation see 5G as a nasty health hazard and would like to ban it in general. You belong to the target group of all kinds of protective tapes, amulets and sleeping masks that are supposed to protect against 5G radiation. A Dutch health authority has now established that these items themselves can be a source of radiation – even an ionizing one.

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Since 5G was in the planning stage, conspiracy myths have been circulating in the relevant channels. Supposedly, 5G waves are even supposed to change human DNA. In previous years, 5G opponents could rely on an ally: the slow expansion. Now that things are moving across Europe and expansion is proceeding, resourceful business people seem to be offering a solution.

Amulets, sleeping masks and bracelets, some especially for children, are said to protect wearers from 5G waves through ionizing radiation. The Authority for Nuclear Safe and Radiation Protection (ANVS), the Dutch radiation protection agency, examined several products and found that they contained radioactive material.

Even the arrangement of the packaging of the QuantumPendant reminds the author of a demonstration case for a radioactive radiation source from his military service. In the Netherlands it is no longer allowed to be sold with the radiant content.

(Image: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu)

The authority warns that the total amount of radiation is low. “However, long-term damage to health cannot be completely ruled out if these products are worn for long periods of time.” And the radiating radiation protection articles are designed to be worn over the long term. Thus, real radiation sources are sold for the purpose of protecting against alleged radiation.

The radiation protection authority therefore issued a ban on the sale of ten tested articles and expressly warns against the use of these products. The articles may not even be disposed of as low-level radioactive waste in household waste.

So if you want the Christmas glow in children’s eyes to continue only because of the gifts, you should avoid glowing bracelets.


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