Anti-brown spot solutions

Whether due to the sun, pregnancy, age or even acne, pigment spots make life difficult. What if we decided not to let it go?

Because spots on the face often stain our eyes, it is better to do everything possible not to see them appear. But did you know, there are different types of skin spots:
Sun spots (or solar lentigines) : they appear after too frequent exposure to the sun and without suitable protection (sunscreen with a high SPF, hat, glasses, T-shirt, etc.). They develop especially on parts of the body highly exposed to UVA rays such as the face, décolleté, shoulders and hands.

Hyperpigmentation spots : they appear following skin inflammation (poorly treated acne, scar), especially on the face where the skin is thin and very exposed.

Hormonal spots (or melasma or pregnancy mask) : they appear with a hormonal change (mainly during pregnancy, but this can also occur during drug treatment or when taking a contraceptive pill). The spots then appear on the face, on the cheekbones, nose and forehead like a mask, or even above the lips like a mustache.

Age spots (or lentigos senilis) : they appear from the age of 40 when the skin has been abused by an unhealthy lifestyle (especially in the event of frequent sun exposure without suitable protection). These spots mainly concern the face, neckline, shoulders and hands.

Dark spots can appear on all skin types and phototypes (colors), from the most sensitive to the most resistant, from the lightest to the darkest. Of course, the clearer and more sensitive they are, the more prone to these inconveniences.

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Prevent brown spots with the right reflexes

When it comes to beauty, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And even if it is already too late, we might as well limit the damage by preventing spots from continuing to proliferate on our skin. To do this, remember the following rules:
Rule n ° 1 : The best way to prevent dark spots from appearing from forming on the skin is to protect it from the sun. We tell you often, UV rays are on our beauty blacklist. They prove to be deleterious for the skin, its health and its youth, even hidden behind clouds or behind a window. So, whatever the season, and what is more during the sunny months or in case of exposure to the sun, we think of applying a moisturizer containing SPF protection. Practical, there are more and more day creams (but also BB, CC, DD creams) with high protection index, easy to wear on a daily basis. But it is also possible to opt for a sunscreen to add on top of your cream or for a sunscreen with a high protection factor for even more protection.

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Rule n ° 2 : Do not scratch, pierce, or even simply touch its imperfections under penalty of creating inflammations which, by healing, leave brown marks on the skin. We take our troubles patiently and adopt a healthy beauty ritual, to balance our skin without attacking it. In case of persistent problems, we go to the dermatologist.

Reduce the spots already present on the face

A professional meeting
The ideal way to treat spots that are already well established is to start with a visit to the dermatologist, who can tell us if they are superficial or deeper spots, and direct us to the appropriate techniques. He will advise turning to daily care or more radical but expensive techniques such as cryotherapy, laser, pulsed light, peeling …

At home
we set up a real ritual to fight against stains on a daily basis. Indeed, if the care can be effective, it is necessary to be patient and to be regular in the application to see the appearance of the spots diminish over time. The right assets to say bye bye to stains? Viniferine from vine shoot strains, but also hydroquinone, a reference chemical molecule prescribed only by dermatologists, arbutin, a plant active ingredient used in cosmetics for its tyrosinase brake action. Some acids are also very effective in removing clumps of colored pigments on the surface of the skin. Among them, kojic acid, from mushrooms,azelaic acid with lightening and anti-acne action, but also glycolic acid (AHA), a derivative of sugar cane, grapes or even beets and artichokes, which are also found synthetically and whose low molecular weight and good tolerance are assets for removing deep spots on sensitive skin. Keratolytic, it eliminates dead cells and thus improves skin quality.

The right ritual to lavish on your face morning and evening?
1. Use a mild, slightly exfoliating cleanser to brighten the complexion, gently erase dead cells and refine skin texture.
2. Apply an anti-dark spot serum to deeply correct and even out the complexion, while preserving the youthfulness of the skin in the process.
3. Apply an anti-dark spot cream with moisturizing action on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, to treat the entire bust. We do not forget the hands in passing, they also often prone to stains.

Paragraph written in collaboration with Caudalie

Our favorite treatment? The famous Vinoperfect Radiance Serum from Caudalie

If it has been so successful in pharmacies for over 15 years, it is because it prevents and corrects all types of spots, on all phototypes. It draws its effectiveness from an ancestral tradition in French vineyards. The women collected the sap from the vine branches and smeared it on their faces and hands. Particularly rich in viniferine, this sap is very effective in reducing dark spots, but also illuminating and harmonizing the complexion. An active ingredient that is all the more interesting because, in addition to its ultra efficiency (viniferine is said to be 62 times more antioxidant than vitamin C *), it is aimed at all skin types, even sensitive.
This year, the formula of
Vinoperfect Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Serum has been revisited by the brand – follower of clean beauty – for even more efficiency and naturalness (it is now vegan and contains 98% of ingredients of natural origin). Its texture mimics the lamellar organization of the skin structure, which promotes better penetration of viniferine, for even more formidable effectiveness against dark spots. This smart serum is easy to use in all circumstances and prevents spots due to UV rays by slipping under sunscreen. This makes it possible to limit oxidation, and therefore in fact the formation of excess melanin, while keeping the skin well hydrated despite exposure. In short, it’s all good for us!

* In vitro test of the inhibitory action of Viniferine on tyrosinase.

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Tips from famous grandmothers

Several vegetable and essential oils have already proven themselves in anti-stain. For fans of natural solutions, here are some remedies:
– Lemon juice,
– Castor oil,
– Aloe vera gel,
– Argan oil,
– Lemon essential oil.

Camouflage for a more even complexion

For an immediate anti-stain result, the camouflaging make-up option is yours. To do this, opt for a tone-on-tone corrective foundation, which you will use to cover each stain to be camouflaged by small pressure before smoothing the outline. Finally, we fix everything with a powder and a fine mist of thermal water.
At each stage of makeup, we try to have the lightest hand possible! The proof with our friends the stars, nothing prettier than a natural look …

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