Anti-pollution radars will be installed in low-emission zones from June 2024

On the occasion of the first monitoring committee for low-emission zones, the government presented a measure that caused controversy. From the second half of 2024, speed cameras will be installed in the ZFE zones (Low Emission Zone) to report unauthorized vehicles.

Credits: Métropole Alpes Grenoble

This Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the very first “Low Emission Zone Monitoring Committee” was held. The purpose of this meeting? Propose new measures to act against air pollution which, according to the latest data from Public Health France, is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths per year.

To do this, the government has announced several measures, such as the deployment of ZFE-m, low-emission mobility zones in 43 additional French cities by 2025 (only those with more than 150,000 inhabitants). The representatives of the territories concerned were rightly invited by the executive to the Committee to help them see more clearly about the deployment of these ZFE-m.

It should be specified that the implementation of ZFE-m will remain the responsibility of local authorities. In particular, they will have to determine the choice of the perimeter of the zone or even which vehicles will be banned. Nevertheless, the government has assured that it intends to support communities in this important project via:

  • the establishment of a monitoring committee which will meet, under the chairmanship of the ministers, every 6 months
  • the designation of a single interlocutor of the agglomerations in charge of the ZFE-m
  • the progressive implementation of an automated sanction control
  • the use of the “green fund” which will make it possible, in particular, to finance preliminary analysis studies, developments, or even infrastructures (150,000 million euros in total)

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Speed ​​cameras in the ZFEs, the controversial measure of the government

Perhaps you ticked on one of its measures, in this case the establishment of an automated sanction control. This is undoubtedly the most controversial measure announced by the government. Indeed, the power confirmed that anti-pollution radars will be installed in ZFE-m from the second half of 2024.

For the moment, the verbalization is already done by means of “manual” checks carried out by the police. But non-compliance with EPZ rules will therefore soon be sanctioned automatically. Note that the project is not new, since the government had promised to install radars in the EPZs since 2021… From what we know, the license plate of the vehicle will be scanned to check whether it is indeed authorized to circulate in the ZFE or not according to its category and its Crit’Air sticker.

This process has the merit of set up exemptions for emergency vehicles or those of people with reduced mobility. At a time when the finances of French households are being undermined by the energy crisis and inflation, the Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion Christophe Béchu invites the towns concerned to cut corners by setting up exceptionssuch as Strasbourg and its “pass” system which authorizes banned vehicles to circulate in the ZFEs a few times a year.

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