Anticipated return of cold and snow: what does the weather have in store for us in the coming days? : Current Woman Le MAG

Continue to wrap yourself in your scarf. While Thursday February 15, 2024 was particularly hot for a day in mid-February, the weather forecasts are not kind and predict a radical change in temperature. Indeed, if the week of February 12 to 18, 2024 was surprising with its unusual spring mildness, we should not get too used to it. According to Météo-France, the cold and snow will return from the week of February 19 – which could well have an impact on our health. Without warning, winter conditions will return, particularly in certain regions. “The temperatures […] will start to drop this weekend, while remaining above normalthen they will return to season normals in the second part of next week”, indicates the specialized site The Weather Channel. This rapid climate change is therefore expected from the weekend, with a significant drop in temperatures.

Which regions will be affected by this new cold wave?

Not everyone will be in the same boat regarding this cold snap. Indeed, the figures announced predict a sometimes spectacular drop in maximum temperatures, up to 15°C in the space of a week, especially in the southwest. THE mists and fog will return from the night of Saturday February 17 to Sunday February 18, depending on Meteo France, and gray weather and rain will persist over the following days, causing temperatures to drop radically. From Wednesday February 21, 2024, we should expect the arrival of a disturbance from the northwest, which will gradually settle across the entire north of France on Thursday February 22. It was at that moment that temperatures are expected to drop drastically, being able to drop down to 5°C in the north and center of the country, and not exceeding 10°C during the day in the regions of Normandy, Centre-Val de Loire and Grand-Est. Snow is even expected in the mountains. Only the Mediterranean region will not be impacted and will be treated to mild weather, with temperatures reaching up to 19°C in Perpignan.

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