Antoine, an accomplished navigator, this other singer who came to ask him for advice: “He wasn’t ready”

After experiencing success in the 1960s thanks to his music, and more precisely his title Antoine’s Rantings, singer Antoine has embraced a career in the world of navigation. Passionate about nature and adventure, the singer-songwriter, who was the face of the Atol brand in the 2000s, traveled around the world aboard the Om, a 14 m steel schooner, in 1974. Antoine spoke of this love for navigation during an interview given to Evening Magpublished this Wednesday, May 22. “When sailing took me, almost by accident, the passion seized me. I was never interested in competition. No sport really appeals to me, neither on land nor on sea”he assured.

Questioned by our colleagues, the singer revealed that his passion could be compared to Renaud’s famous title, As soon as the wind blowsreleased in 1983. “It’s a bit like Renaud’s song, It’s not the man who takes to the sea, it’s the sea that takes the man, except that he wasn’t lucky”, continued Antoine, referring to the desire of Renaud, who also wanted to become a navigator. Unfortunately, the interpreter of Winner Mistral was unable to satisfy his thirst for adventure, despite Antoine’s advice. “He came to see me one day before leaving. He wasn’t ready, his wife hated it, plus the bad weather… On the other hand, the song transformed his life”concluded the man who will celebrate his 80th birthday on June 4.

Antoine Cash on the commercials he starred in: “They allowed me to pay for my children’s studies”

During his interview with Evening MagAntoine spoke about other highlights of his career, including his appearances in advertising spots for the Atol brand, broadcast in the early 2000s. The navigator thus explained that this experience allowed him to experience unforgettable experiences, but also to provide for the needs of those close to you, and more specifically your children. “I had a life very rich in sensations, but I never made a fortune. I experienced magnificent moments and I did not stay in my hammock. Even for the Atol spots, I had encounters extraordinary, which maintained my popularity and incidentally which allowed me to pay for my children’s studies”he said in all honesty.

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