Antonio Banderas: It's hard to believe that he's already 60 years old

Antonio Banderas
It's hard to believe he's already 60 years old

You don't look at Antonio Banderas when he is 60 years old.

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Spanish Hollywood star Antonio Banderas doesn't seem to be aging. Corona and heart problems apparently also couldn't harm him.

The Spanish Hollywood star Antonio Banderas (60, "Suffering and Glory") presented himself in top form at a Prime Video event on Monday in Malaba in Andalusia, southern Spain. Dark hair, dark beard, trained body, mischievous smile – the artist just doesn't seem to be aging. He has struggled with a number of health challenges in recent years.

In the summer, Banderas contracted Corona. He shared his recovery in late August via the short message service Twitter With. "After 21 days of disciplined isolation, I can now say that I have survived Covid-19 disease. I am healthy," said the screen star in his tweet. At the same time he encouraged all those affected "who are still in the middle of the fight".

At the beginning of 2017 he suffered a tragic stroke of fate. He suffered a heart attack while exercising, as he later said publicly. In an interview with spot on news in summer 2019, he said: "When you look death in the eye, it hits you like lightning. It shows you the fragility of life."