Any news from Michael Schumacher? Her son Mick refuses to answer questions about his state of health: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Things are hectic in the paddocks where we are preparing for the next Formula 1 season, scheduled to debut on March 28 in Bahrain. Now is the time for the revelation of the overpowered cars, but also for the presentation of newcomers to the grid, of which Mick Schumacher is the most watched. This young 21-year-old pilot is about to complete his first laps in F1 behind the wheel of his Haas, the former stable of the miraculous Romain Grosjean. And, with such a name, the son of the seven-time world champion will not be able to escape questions about his parentage. However, on Friday February 26, the Italian media understood that he should not be counted on to provide news of his father, who was recovering from a terrible skiing accident on December 29, 2013.

He refuses to answer questions about his father

Randomly discussing the new Formula 1 season, a journalist from the Transalpine Gazette La Stampa dared to probe Mick Schumacher about his father, whose real state of health after all very few know. If relatives, like Jean Todt, disseminate some clues here and there, a great mystery surrounds the legend of the circuits and his convalescence in his luxurious property in Switzerland. But while waiting for a documentary that could clear some gray areas, the subject remains taboo for her son. "It's a private matter", he retorted to the far too curious reporter. "We should go back to the theme of motorsport." Firm in his line of conduct, the great hope of the paddocks has only allowed himself to evoke his father's champion on a legitimate question: that to join Scuderia Ferrari for the long term. "Everything is unpredictable now, but I don't deny it: it would be a dream to drive a Ferrari like my father did". A rare confidence that you should not get used to as Mick Schumacher wants to forge his own path.

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