Apacer unveils the first PCI Express 5.0 consumer SSD: record speeds

The Apacer brand unveils one of the first PCI Express 5.0 SSDs on the market. It promises record speeds of more than 12 GB/s.

Source: Apacer

With the adoption of PCI Express 5.0 by AMD on its Ryzen 7000 processors, all the pieces are in place to allow the democratization of this new generation.

For PC fans, PCI Express is still synonymous with graphics cards, but in reality the bandwidth offered by PCIe will be useful above all for SSD storage.

For several years, NVMe SSDs have adopted a PCI Express interface to overcome the limitations of SATA. With the move to PCI Express 5.0, a new milestone has been reached.

Up to 13 GB/s read

The Apacer brand unveiled at Computex the first NVMe SSD capable of using PCI Express 5.0 in a consumer product.

Apacer SSD PCIe 5

The brand promises that its AS2280F5 SSD can reach 12 GB/s in writing and 13 GB/s in reading. This is indeed beyond the 8 GB/s allowed by PCI Express 4.0, without however reaching the new limit of 16 GB/s for PCI Express 5.0 (4 lanes).

To maintain this level of performance, the SSD requires a heatsink for cooling. Apacer also advertises that its product is backward compatible with PCI Express 4.0, but this will limit performance.

The Zadac brand has also announced the TWSG5 Gen5 x4 SSD which follows the same specs with a graphene heatsink.

Zadac Gen 5 SSD

No price has been indicated for these two SSDs.

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