Apache 207: on glitter roller skates in the German rap Olympus

He explodes the charts, genres and rap clichés. His stadium tour sold out in just sixteen minutes. On Thursday, the 24-year-old rapper Apache 207 will perform at Zurich’s Hallenstadion.

Impressing academics and gangsters in the AMG Benz: The Turkish-born rapper Apache 207, here at a concert in June 2022.

Hartmut Boesener / Imago

He does pretty much everything that is considered uncool in the hip-hop scene: He cruises through the streets on glittering retro roller skates, wears Buffalo sneakers, and dances musical choreographies in his videos. During live performances, party hits from the 1980s are played during his cigarette breaks, and when he performs his hit “Boot” he sails through the crowd in a rowboat to Céline Dion’s tearjerker Titanic “My Heart Will Go On”.

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