"Apartment hunters": who were Julie Fauroux and Yonnel Ponton, the deceased candidates to whom Stéphane Plaza paid homage? : Current Woman Le MAG

In 2016, Julie Fauroux, a young real estate agent in Toulouse, won the trophy for best apartment hunter in the program of the same name broadcast on M6. Two years after his victory, Saturday September 8, 2018, when she came home from work, the young woman lost her life in a car accident after being hit by a truck. At the time of the events, the driver had been placed in police custody and charged with manslaughter. He was then released under judicial supervision. An unacceptable decision for the father of the young woman then aged 24. He has been supporting the association since the drama Victims and future who accompanies victims of accidents resulting in bodily injury. Wishing to pay tribute to his former winner, Stéphane Plaza wrote on Wednesday June 24, 2020 on his Instagram account : "To our angel Julie Fauroux if you look at us. You are still in our hearts and in our minds. You had brilliantly won the 'Chasseurs d'Appart' competition in 2016, and I was proud of you. So I decided to highlight the person you were and this association Victims and future for a week of exceptional competition. "

Two candidates who died in the same year

This special week, Karine Le Marchand's best friend also decided to dedicate it to another of her former winners, Yonnel Ponton, winner of the competition in 2017 and died the same year as Julie Fauroux, also in a road accident. The young man and one of his friends had been struck in August 2018 by an SUV while they were at the edge of a road, in Italy. Stéphane Plaza wrote about it: "AT you and my Yonnel Ponton, winner of the competition in 2017, left too early under these same conditions: "From chaos are born the stars", Charlie Chaplin. This brand new week of "Apartment Hunter" is dedicated to you, we miss you. " A beautiful tribute greeted by the subscribers of the real estate agent.

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