Aperol Paloma: Better Than Aperol Spritz?

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Is the Aperol Paloma the better Aperol Spritz?

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Once you’ve got a taste for it, it’s hard to get rid of it: the Aperol Spritz is the people-pleaser among cocktails. Can his tipsy sister, the Aperol Paloma, hold a candle to him?

Nobody knows exactly when or how it happened, but at some point in the last few years, the Aperol Spritz has taken over the world. Hardly any restaurant doesn’t have it on the menu and hardly any adult who drinks something occasionally hasn’t tried it. Whether as an aperitif, as a faithful companion for an entire evening or as a brief moment of pleasure on a beautiful summer afternoon, the Aperol Spritz makes it really difficult for white wine spritzers, tequila sunrise and the like.

The classic made of Prosecco (or white wine), mineral water and Aperol is by no means the only mixed drink that can be prepared with the liqueur: The Aperol Spritz has a tipsy sister that is at least worth a try – both for Aperol Spritz lovers as well as for those who don’t like the classic version. The Aperol Paloma has a similarly high potential for enjoyment as its famous sister. However, a little more boom.

Aperol Paloma: This is what differentiates it from the Aperol Spritz

By default, the Aperol Paloma comes without mineral water and prosecco, but instead contains tequila, orange liqueur and lime and grapefruit juice. So it doesn’t fizz and is less reminiscent of a white wine spritzer or a champagne reception, but gives off a light margarita vibe. Its alcohol content is obviously higher than that of a classic Aperol Spritze, but the refreshing effect dominates the drinking experience, similar to that of a margarita – caution is therefore definitely advisable, as is certainly the case with any alcohol consumption. If you like it lighter, you can of course add mineral water to the Aperol Paloma or just use a splash of tequila, depending on your preferences. The following information is only a guideline that can be easily adjusted and varied according to your own taste.

Aperol Paloma: preparation

For one glass you need the following ingredients:

  • 50ml of tequila
  • 50 ml grapefruit juice
  • 30 ml orange liqueur
  • 30ml aperole
  • 10 ml lime juice Ice cubes Lime slices (for garnish)

And this is how you mix the cocktail:

  • Half fill the cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Pour the tequila, lime and grapefruit juice, orange liqueur and Aperol into the shaker, cover and shake – 15-20 seconds should be enough to chill the liquid.
  • Put ice cubes in a glass and strain the cocktail through a cocktail strainer.
  • Garnish with lime wedges and enjoy.


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