Apex Legends: a new player count record broken thanks to the launch of season 14

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As with every new season, Apex Legends players return en masse to the title. For the launch of season 14, the game breaks its record for the number of participants.

Season 14 of Apex Legends just recently kicked off and according to Steam Charts, this new season is bringing new blood to the Apex community. Launched on August 9, this news made players connect in droves.

Indeed, the players managed to break the record for the number of Apex Legends players on Steamreaching a new peak of more than 510,000 concurrent players on August 10. After three years of existence, Apex still attracts as much. Many expected a resurgence in popularity with the new season. This record is also explained by an increase in the number of players of almost 5% over the last last month.

Despite this excellent news for Respawn which is the target of many criticisms on several points, part of the community remains disappointed and even called for a boycott of the game. However, this new season and the arrival of a brand new character named Vantage increase the number of players.

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