Apex Legends: Fight or Frighten event returns for Halloween 2022, with several popular limited modes

The players ofApex Legends will not remain without a special event next month, because on October 4, beasts of prey will give way directly to Fight or Fright. The traditional Halloween festival will return again this year, with a selection of popular limited modes, all of which will be playable for a week or two: Royal Ghost, Army race and Control.

Participating in these special modes will allow us to unlock Halloween-themed cosmetic items, some of which have already been offered in the past and some that have never been seen before, such as skins legendary inner demon for Ash and Bladed Wanderer for seer.

  • Limited-Time Ghost Royale Mode (October 4-11) – Fight or Fright wouldn’t have the same flavor without its Ghost Royale mode. For the first time ever, haunt and hunt down your enemies in a dark, dark version of Olympus.
  • Limited-Time Armed Race Mode (October 11-18) – During the second week of the Fight or Fright event, Armed Race Mode returns to the Apex Games. The nighttime version of Olympus joins the Graveyard City (Canyon of Kings) and the Eastern Shard (World’s Edge) in the map rotation.
  • Limited Time Control Mode (October 18-25) – Starting October 18, replay Control Mode on Olympus at night, World’s Edge and Storm Zone.
  • Limited Time Ghost Royale Mode (October 25 – November 1) – During the final week of this special event, take part in Ghost Royale once again to show your enemies what you’ve learned.

Also, find out more about the Fight or Dread special below:

  • New Popular Skins and Cosmetics – Visit the Store throughout the month to find new and existing themed skins to make your prey tremble with dread. Get your hands on new Legendary skins like “Demon Within” for Ash and “Bladed Wanderer” for Seer, or get Halloween-themed Legendary skins for Revenant, Caustic, Octane, and Wattson. Also check out the Void Exploration bundles for Wraith (October 4-11) and Dark Memory for Pathfinder (October 11-18). But that’s not all: several special discounts on bundles and Apex packs will be offered throughout the event.

After Fight or Frightwe should start hearing about the Season which will follow Predation. Until then, you can treat yourself to cosmetic items via theBloodhound Edition at €16.68 on

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