Apex Legends: Mad Maggie comes to play the villain on Olympus in the Dissidence Season launch trailer

Start of the week, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts unveiled a new History of the Wilderness (re)introducing Mad Maggiethe Legend which will appear in-game with Dissent next February 8. The video also gave us an appointment to already discover the launch trailer for this Season 12 this Thursday, which you can discover below.

The arrival of Mad Maggie in the Apex Games is not done without difficulty, since before being dropped on Olympus from the air, she eliminates a soldier like a vampire by tearing off his jugular. In the bowels of the former floating city, she comes face to face with Eduardo Silvawho is at the origin of his sentence and happens to be the father ofOctane, if ever you were unaware of it. The name of the season comes from the name of the program launched by the latter, defiancewhich literally teleports Olympus above an unspecified city and not without a crash. We will probably know more soon about the changes made in-game. And of course, the capabilities of this new Legend who will gladly play the role of villainess are also teased.

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