Apex Legends: Musical and Conduit in action in the exciting Catching Fire season launch trailer

Last week, Respawn Entertainment And Electronic Arts have started their promotional campaign for the next season ofApex Legendsthe 19th all the same, which will be entitled Catching Firewhile simultaneously launching the collection event False pretenses for Halloween. The new Legend was therefore introduced through a History of the Wildlands where we were able to see several Titans fight, the irradiated battery of a Monarch being what will give powers to the latter, of which we only know the pseudonym: Driven. We now find it in the launch trailer for this season, taking the form of a very crazy animated video.

Yes, we are moving from the rooster to the donkey since Driven is already a participant in the Apex Gameslooking for a good story to tell to explain what makes her a Legend with his teammates Gibraltar And Mirage. This gives rise to a passage in the form of a musical comedy worthy of Snow Queen where his imagination rewards us with a Revenant pushing the song. We are waiting for the musical now! After these few scenes enough metawe are therefore entitled to the true presentation of Driven against the background of the song Dolls of Bella Poarch. This is the opportunity to see it in action with its combination of advanced technology powered by the battery of the Titan Monarchwhich still exposes it to 75% of radiation… She will obviously have a support role, capable of deploying a shield on her allies and immobilizing opponents in place. using the two “drones” forming the arch in his back.

The next trailer for this Season 19 ofApex Legends will be broadcast this Thursday, October 26 and will this time show us some gameplay. If necessary, Apex Parts for the game are on sale on Amazon.

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