Apex Legends shows off what’s new in its Battle Pass on the eve of the launch of Season 13, Rescue

It is this Tuesday, May 10 thatApex Legends will see its gaming experience renewed with the launch of its Rescue Season and the arrival of Newcastleher Legend defense-based heroics, whose skills we recently got to see in action. In addition to map changes Storm area and various changes to classified parts detailed by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts on the official websitethere will be an inevitable Battlepasswhich is presented to us in the video of the day.

The formula is known, with a hundred rewards by increasing rank, including from Legendary skins for fuse, Bloodhound and the submachine gun BECAUSEappearances epics in destination to Pathfinder, Mad Maggie and Newcastlethe colors of the latter having enough to make it look somewhat like Iron Man, although having a dragon theme. Moreover, the sequence where the two teams rush towards each other is reminiscent of the scene from the film Civil War at the airport… A reactive skin intended for Spitfire LMG will also be included.

And if you need Apex Coins to start this Season 13you can go through Amazon to get it for you.

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