Apex Legends: Temporary modes will not become permanent, yet

On the eve of the launch of season 15 of Apex Legends, we had the opportunity to attend a presentation of it, during which the developers took stock of the battle royale while explaining some new features, in particular the complexity of setting up a new card, here Broken Moon. But the temporary modes have also been talked about.

In recent months, players have been able to discover several, some of which, like Control and Army Race, are quite popular with the community, so much so that some want to see them implemented permanently, so you can play it all the time. Unfortunately, Respawn doesn’t agree, as design director Evan Nikolich explains.

According to him, if these temporary modes become permanent, they will lose some of their interest and will be played less and less. Similar to what has already been said, these temporary modes are appreciated because they are not available all the time. Thus, we have, for the moment, no chance of seeing them integrate the battle royale definitively in the coming months, but Respawn does not close the door.

Never say never, but currently no, these modes are not intended to be permanent. The teams are fully focused on the battle royale.

However, the developers should continue to offer us, from time to time, new temporary modes, in order to vary the experience ofApex Legendswhich launches its season 15 this 1er november.

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