Apex Legends: the 5th Battle Royale map, Shattered Moon, introduced in video and detailed

Respwn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are currently preparing the launch of the next season ofApex Legendsthe 15th already, named Eclipse and which will introduce Catalyst in the ranks of Legends. This “witch” handling ferrofluids intends to defend her planet and the broken moon Cleo which is now the local headquarters of Apex Games. We see it in action in the trailer of gameplay of the day, which therefore introduces this 5th map for the Battle Royaleall with electronic music as a soundtrack that goes perfectly with the cybernetic theme of the skins from Battlepass.

For more details regarding this map and its points of interest, a full article has been shared on the official siteread below, where lead level designer Randolph Stayer broke it all down.


Hi, I’m Randolph Stayer, lead level designer for Shattered Moon, the fifth map in Apex Legends.

Shattered Moon is a terraforming project ordered by the Cleo Recovery Council following the catastrophic meteorite impact that occurred in 2708. With the help of the Boreas Science Department, the moon becomes a habitable environment by 2715. To help fund its colonization, the government signs a deal with the Syndicate to hold the Apex Games on the moon. Shattered Moon is similar in size to World’s Edge and features a wide variety of terrain, both alien and classic inspired. There are sumptuous gardens, a gigantic terraforming machine or even a filthy quay. Let’s see how this new environment is articulated.


A quick and reliable way to get around and escape ring closure, these tracks are set up along pre-determined paths to quickly get from one point of interest to another. Legends will be able to make delicate transitions and even move inside the most important points of interest. The rails offer the same possibilities as the zipline, but with more speed and momentum.


The moon is full of large points of interest that provide comfortable enough drop zones for multiple squads to find loot before the first firefights. Slippery rails are also an effective way to quickly close in or escape a perilous situation.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 05 24 10 2022


Built to keep the moon from dying, the Terraformer is a huge symmetrical structure that’s off-center on the map. This is a ‘king of the hill’ style drop zone with loot everywhere and the ability to comfortably accommodate up to 4 teams. The dominant central position makes it possible to defend effectively from the inside, but there are ways to infiltrate and overthrow the team in place.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 13 24 10 2022


A completely asymmetrical space with an interesting loot box at its center, the stasis network area presents many options to leave and bypass the main structure, or fall back to fight further. The particle beam emitted from this location is what prevents lunar debris and the moon itself from crashing into Boreas.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 12 24 10 2022


Atmospheric stations gradually made it possible to create breathable air on Cleo. The research buildings on the left and right act as drop zones for players to take loot and attack the main tower structure. Go over the narrow bridge or take the slippery rails to the top. Be aware that nearby water tanks are a bit safer, if ever there is too much tension elsewhere.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 09 24 10 2022 Apex Legends Shattered Moon 16 24 10 2022


As the sole energy source of the moon, this huge area is the scene of major clashes and numerous drops. The core itself is the main dominating point, but it can easily be attacked. The turbine elevator below and the sliding rails around allow for unique dodging strategies.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 01 24 10 2022


A concentration of circular structures with usable roofs, Bionomique offers multiple opportunities for vertical bypass and healthy healing areas. Originally, it was a research center to study exotic flora and fauna. Some experimental regrowth still dots the abandoned area.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 14 24 10 2022


Division is a cluster of vertical houses filled with loot, separated by bridges and connected by slippery rails. It was one of Cleo’s first cities, but found itself divided due to the moon’s constant instability. This is a highly dynamic location where good skills on the slippery tracks can lead to a quick win.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 02 24 10 2022


Site of the first moon landing, Base Alpha is made up of densely clustered buildings inside a giant crater. Exterior walls delineate combat, while confined interior spaces demand full engagement.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 11 24 10 2022


A vast open space commemorating the tragic event that occurred on Boréas, Eternal Gardens is home to a large field of flowers and trenches. At its center is a building that contains the moon’s only jump tower. Originally intended for celebrations, it also provides a way to reposition yourself in combat or to join another area.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 15 24 10 2022


A symmetrical space designed for medium-range combat and connected by a bridge and a sliding rail, Quai lunaire is made up of parallel structures made up of superimposed levels between which it is possible to reposition yourself. The sliding rails that surround it also make it easy to move to another point of interest.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 03 24 10 2022


Production Site is another large area of ​​the map, with a target-shaped landing pad and two other locations to land on either side of this T-shaped structure. There’s a lot of loot tucked away in the corridors, with a central jackpot to fight over.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 06 24 10 2022


This large point of interest features a central platform divided by two long axes filled with loot and enough drop zones for 4 teams. The sliding rails built into the Foundry allow Legends to quickly cross the central platform or reposition themselves to fight. It is here that ferrofluids are refined and used to restore parts of the moon and limit its deterioration.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 07 24 10 2022


This totally asymmetrical place is cut by a small bridge, which also acts as a rotation channel between the two halves of the Ravine. This area gives rise to clashes on several levels in cramped interior spaces.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 04 24 10 2022


Source of all the moon’s food, Ecocultures is made up of a set of circular greenhouses connected to a large central greenhouse: the dominant point of this sector. Easily defensible from all sides, the canals that run through this area provide stealthy access routes to the main structure to scavenge for loot incognito.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 08 24 10 2022


Promenades is where most of the moon’s inhabitants live and get their supplies. This huge vertical focal point forms a concentrated combat corridor crossed by slippery rails. Bypass routes run through the interior space, while the exterior forms the main central route connecting the north and south of the map.

Apex Legends Shattered Moon 10 24 10 2022


The team is incredibly proud of the work done to make Shattered Moon the magic card that it is. For the first time in Apex Legends, you’ll hit exhilarating speeds, take banked turns, and build up momentum on slippery rails. Guaranteed sensations! Take all the risks, whether it’s to charge into battle, escape the closure of the ring or grab even more loot. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with you!

This Season 15 will begin on November 1st and we will be entitled by then to at least two more videos to present the capacities of Catalyst and the rewards of battle pass. Of the Apex Coins are for sale on Amazon if necessary.

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