Apex Legends: the new features of the Predation Season 14 Battle Pass presented on video, with new challenges

It’s tomorrow thatApex Legends will host its fourteenth season named Predationwhich will make our characters fight again in the Canyon of the Kings, but revisited once more. A news Legend will also arrive, Vantagewhose abilities we were able to see in action as well as its past before integrating the Apex Games. As always with Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, there was therefore one final video to round off this overview of the new features, the one dedicated to the Battlepass.

Besides the amusing appearance ofEcho (the bat of Vantage) at the very end, it is therefore the various cosmetic elements that can be obtained that are exhibited.

Adopt a devastating style with the Predation Battle Pass. Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn new themed rewards such as legendary skins for Wraith, Caustic, and the Wingman, epic packs for Vantage, Bangalore, and Horizon, responsive skins for the Triple Rifle, and more! Finally, be aware that several paths lead to the summit: for the first time ever, certain Battle Pass challenges can be completed in different modes, giving you more flexibility to achieve your goals. Purchase the Predation Battle Pass now, or get a head start by picking up the bundle to instantly unlock the first 25 tiers.

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