Appeal against reporting on ARD and ZDF

In an appeal, a group of scientists and doctors oppose what they see as ideology-based reporting in public broadcasting. In youth programs in particular, contributions about sexual identity would violate journalistic standards.

“The show with the mouse” has accompanied generations of children: Here a graffiti on a house wall in Cologne.

Sascha Steinach / Imago

Transgender ideology in the “Show with the Mouse”, videos about drug sex and vampire fetishes: a group of scientists and doctors has launched an appeal and in a contribution in the “Welt” the return to fact-based reporting of biological facts in public broadcasting ( ÖRR) required.

“We call on the ÖRR to present biological facts and scientific findings more truthfully”, it says in the call, which, according to the authors, has already been joined by 120 scientists, physicians, psychologists, educators and representatives of other professions from all over Germany. “As scientists, we resolutely oppose the idea that women and men are only social constructs or perceived identities,” it continues.

50 pages with examples of «tentative» reports

They criticize the fact that neither biological facts nor scientific findings are presented truthfully, especially when it comes to the trend topic “trans”. In a 50-page dossier the initiators list numerous examples of reporting in the ÖRR, which they describe as “tentative” and “ideology-based”. In particular, they criticize the frequently used term “polysexuality” because it represents a false statement.

The dossier lists numerous contributions, especially from the youth programs of ARD and ZDF such as “Funk”, “Reporter”, “Die da auf” and “Y-Kollektiv”, which the authors believe are unreflected and also do not meet journalistic standards . As examples, they cite reports about cannibalism (over 2.5 million views), Vampire Fetishes (over a million views) and “What’s it like to be raped?” (over three million views).

“Funk” contribution showed men in group sex and drug use

For example, a contribution by “Y-Collective”, a YouTube channel by “Funk”, about so-called chemsex, was also freely available. There were well over half a million hits for this report, in which a young reporter films gay men having group sex with other homosexuals and inserting the drug crystal meth anally, as the initiators of the call write.

The initiators object to the fact that gender reassignment operations are described as “a child’s play” in articles for children and young people. The psychological and physical irreversible consequences of using anti-puberty drugs, administering opposite-sex hormones, and surgically removing the penis, breast, and uterus are at best mentioned in passing, they write.

“So we are expressly not concerned with the abolition of the ÖRR, but with its return to the broadcasting order. After all, the fee-financed formats are particularly committed not only to the principles of the press code, respect for the truth and careful research,” says the appeal.

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