Appeal – Have you ever been convicted for taking certain medications?

“Don’t be a b***, don’t take painkillers during your period. You have to get in tune with your womb, meditate on your womb, then the pain will go away. Don’t take pharmaceuticals.” That’s the wording of a tweet doing the rounds on Twitter right now. So-called “pillshaming”, i.e. condemning people who take medication, is widespread.

Various drugs are affected. These include, for example, painkillers that women are supposed to avoid taking during their period. But antibiotics are also viewed critically, as are medications for mental illnesses, such as antidepressants. This trend is dangerous: Especially in the case of people with depression, pill shaming can make those affected feel ashamed of taking medication.

Has this happened to you too? Have you ever been judged by those around you or even a medical professional for having to take certain medications? Tell us about your experiences in the form.

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