Appeal in glyphosate dispute: Bayer receives another setback

Appeal in glyphosate dispute
Bayer receives another setback

When Bayer bought Monsanto in 2019, the Dax group also had to take on a whole stack of legal disputes. The reason: the weed killer glyphosate produced by Monsanto, which is suspected of being carcinogenic. So far, all processes that Bayer has been conducting have been lost. Now there is another judgment.

The agrochemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer has also received a defeat in the third of its US appeal proceedings because of alleged cancer risks of the weed killer glyphosate. The competent court in San Francisco upheld a ruling that Bayer is liable for cancers of plaintiffs Alberta and Alva Pilliod.

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A jury in California first sentenced the group in 2019 to damages and fines of around two billion dollars to the couple. The court later reduced the amount to $ 86.7 million. A spokesman for Bayer said the company respected the court’s decision, but disagreed with it. The judgment is not supported by the evidence at the trial or by applicable law. The group is exploring its options for a re-examination of the case.

Bayer had this and many other legal conflicts in 2018 with the over 60 billion dollar purchase of the US seed giant Monsanto. Bayer is confronted with numerous other glyphosate lawsuits in the United States, which the company would actually like to settle with a major settlement.

Only three cases have so far been finally negotiated in US courts, and the DAX group lost all three processes. Bayer has not yet had any success in appointment procedures either. A fourth lawsuit against the group recently began in California. The Leverkusen-based company has high hopes that one of the judgments by the US Supreme Court will be overturned. In the event that the Supreme Court does not want to deal with the glyphosate case or decides against Bayer, the company has recently set up additional provisions of $ 4.5 billion. Bayer had previously set aside more than $ 11 billion for a settlement package to settle US lawsuits.