Apple: 5 things the new Apple Watch can do


Apple has presented the new watch series. And we ask ourselves: is it still a watch or is it already a little robot? 5 things the new Apple Watch can do.

Since the birth of the iPhone, Apple fans have been holding their breath eagerly once a year. Because when summer says goodbye, autumn greets us with a range of new technical devices that should by no means make boredom arise. Every year in September (and therefore in time for Christmas business), Apple introduces a new range of products – and fans are lining up.

This time it will be an old friend who is causing the greatest hype: The Apple Watch is now getting an upgrade, after which it will hardly be recognizable. And we ask ourselves: Is that still a watch – or is it already our personal life coach, who takes care of our health and that of our family, motivates us and also tells us what time it is ?!

5 things the new Apple Watch can do

Communicate in the family

There's a new family feature that allows children who don't have an iPhone to still wear a watch. Because the family watches can now be managed via an app. There are new features for children, such as the school time mode, motivations for enjoying exercise and, finally, an emergency call and location function for parents. By the way, they can also manage and approve the children's contacts. At best, the family is always in touch via the watches.


Don't keep us waiting

In all honesty: The whole technology is all well and good – but if it costs us the battery life, it doesn't help us anymore. That's why the new Apple Watch series should promise a longer runtime of 18 hours. Thanks to improved hardware, the charging process should also only take 1.5 hours.

At the pulse (oxymeter) of the time

The Apple Watch Series 6 now adapts to popular sports watches – and has an oxygen meter built in. LEDs measure how well your blood is oxygenated. When worn at night, the so-called pulse oximeter can e.g. Draw attention to sleeping sicknesses such as breathing pauses at an early stage. The check-up can also be useful during the day, for example with respiratory diseases. At the same time, the value should provide information about well-being and fitness.

The corona feature

According to Apple, a study is now to be investigated into how the watch functions such as heart rate and oxygen measurement could help detect respiratory diseases such as Covid-19 at an early stage. There is also a feature that makes you smile: the watch automatically recognizes when you wash your hands. Yes, seriously!

Look pretty

Yes, in the end we have to admit that appearance still plays a role in technology. After all, for many style-conscious people, the watch is not just a timepiece, but also an accessory. There is more choice in the new Apple Watch series: the aluminum case comes in blue or bright red in addition to the common colors, while the stainless steel watch is available in graphite and yellow gold. The bracelets come in a leather, sports or fabric look. The latter is made from recycled material, so it's good for your conscience.

And what's the catch? Here you go: The functions are of course not free – and that's why the Apple Watch is only available from the proud price of 418 euros.