Apple AirTag: after the car theft, the harassment?

Benjamin Destrebecq

December 24, 2021 at 8:35 am


Apple AirTags

© Apple

Apple’s mini tracker, theAirTag
, appears to be used for much less legal purposes than originally intended.

Already affected by the car theft, the AirTag has this time been used in at least two cases of alleged harassment.

Clandestine AirTag notifications

As much to say it right away, what we are going to tell is neither funny nor acceptable. Apple’s tracker, normally used to find lost items (keys, a wallet, a backpack or even his own car), is suspected of having recently been used to unwittingly track two New York women, according to a local media report WGRZ.

The first person realized this thanks to a notification on their iPhone that an unknown AirTag was in motion with them. The tracker was, according to local police officers, hidden under the bumper of his vehicle.

For the second woman concerned, no tracker was found, but a notification was indeed sent to her phone. Police are uncertain whether the AirTag may have been hidden under his car and fallen, or whether a simple technical issue caused the notification, as the tracker was disconnected shortly after.

In any case, we can only be reassured for these two people who finally saw this bad experience “limited” to a frightening notification. Hopefully Apple finds a solution to be able to strengthen security around its trackers, for example by indicating their precise location when sending prevention notifications.

Source: 9to5Mac

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