Apple Allows Employees to Speak About Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Significant social progress in the tech community in the United States. Apple employees will be able to publicly address issues related to workplace harassment and discrimination. A resolution adopted following a revision of the non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and relayed by our colleagues from the FinancialTimes.

Open the floor

Apple shareholders voted in March to hold an independent investigation into the management of public speaking among the company’s employees. Allowing employees to speak freely on matters relating to harassment and discrimination is a decision that brings more benefits to Apple than the practice of forcing employees to silence, the study concludes. For several years, activist groups have been asking US companies to remove these gag clauses from their nondisclosure agreements.

At Apple, our commitment to a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment is underpinned by a comprehensive policy prohibiting harassment and discrimination. Employees have the right to speak freely about their working conditions, including harassment and discrimination, and we offer a range of resources for employees to answer questions and report concerns“, indicates the American firm in an internal note.

Apple is thus committed to “do not apply” restrictions of expression about harassment or discrimination and to “make improvements and clarifications in the future.

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End of prehistoric HR management

This decision comes after many criticisms made internally at Apple in recent years. The American company was accused of using non-disclosure agreements to bury cases of harassment or discrimination within its premises. In 2021, a vast denunciation movement had been launched under the banner “AppleToo.“In several cases, the company’s human resources did not act adequately with the alleged victims.

The truth is, for many Apple workers, the culture of secrecy creates an opaque and intimidating fortress. When we demand accountability and redress for the persistent injustices we witness or experience in our workplace, we face a pattern of isolation and degradation.“, then explained a dedicated website launched by Apple employees.

The end of these bad practices has been welcomed by several organizations in favor of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. “We are pleased to announce that Apple has released its report and is ending the use of concealment clauses in employee contracts, both domestically and for international workers. This is a game-changing change for the tech industry“, reacted Nia Impact Capital on Twitter.

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