Apple: ambitions in ‘live’ sporting events?

( – Apple shares rose on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday in response to information that the American technology group was interested in sports content.

The title, which gained 0.9% in the first exchanges, only takes 0.4% one hour after the opening, in an American stock market which remains however oriented downwards.

According to several media, Apple is considering acquiring the rights to Major League Baseball (MLB) weekday games starting next season.

For Wedbush Securities, such a project would be “the right choice, at the right time” knowing that the group already devotes seven billion dollars each year to the production of content, out of a cash flow which reaches 200 billion.

‘Following Amazon’s historic billion-dollar deal with the NFL for Thursday Night Games, we believe Apple has now come to realize that broadcasting live sporting events will be the pivotal to its success in streaming, along with original content, as competition grows,” said Dan Ives, Apple’s tracking analyst.

For the professional, a first agreement with MLB would have the merit of showing the seriousness of the Cupertino group’s intentions in this area before signing other future partnerships with the NFL, NCAA, NASCAR or NBA.

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