Apple announces an update to prevent overheating of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Apple will deploy an update to the operating system of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. “We’ve identified a few factors that can cause iPhone to heat up more than expected”announced a spokesperson for the Californian group on Monday, October 2, after several testers reported an overheating problem with certain new models.

The Apple brand mentions that it is normal for the smartphone ” seems “ warmer during the setup phase, the first few days. “We also discovered an error in iOS 17 [le logiciel d’exploitation]which affects some users and which will be corrected in a software update »the company said.

Update date not communicated

Apple also mentions another factor: “Recent third-party app updates that are causing system overhead.” “We are working with these application developers on fixes which are currently being deployed”the group said.

According to articles from influencers and specialist testers, Instagram, Uber and certain video games like Asphalt 9 (car races) contribute to heating up the device. The date of the update which should correct the iOS 17 bug has not been communicated, but Apple has already declared that it will not reduce the performance of the iPhone, the site dealing with new technologies reported CNET.

Some observers have questioned the titanium shell of the iPhone 15 Pro, but Apple assures that this material, combined with aluminum and a new design, on the contrary allows heat to dissipate better.

The American technology giant presented its new iPhone range in mid-September. The base model, the iPhone 15, starts at $800 (763 euros), and the most expensive professional model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, costs at least $1,200 (1,144 euros).

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