Apple fans, this auction of vintage products is for you

Before the WWDC keynote scheduled for June 6 in California, Apple is honored with a somewhat special auction. If you’re looking for the Blue Dalmatian iMac, a 1st generation iPod or the 1997 limited edition Macintosh, you may have until Monday to find what you’re looking for.

The monochrome Mac SE/30 // Source: Catawiki

Apple fans are in the rows and teeth before the keynote broadcast this Monday, June 6 from Apple Park on the occasion of the WWDC developer conference which is being held next week in California. The opportunity to learn a little more about the new operating systems (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS) and perhaps to discover the vision of virtual reality with Apple sauce or new MacBooks.

And for the most passionate about the apple brand, an auction is organized on this occasion by the online auction place Catawiki until Monday. Multiple vintage products are on sale.

An original iPod, an unopened iPhone 3G

The Apple auction is launched at the time of the second major event of the brand after its spring keynote which made it possible to launch the iPad Air or the Mac Studio and Studio Display screen, but also the iPhone SE 5G. And Catawiki wants to salute ‘vintage’ with flagship products from the last 40 years, taking advantage of a growing interest in old tech devices.

Thus we find an iMac Blue Dalmatian, a first generation iPod or even a Macintosh with a futuristic look from the end of the 1990s which still runs on macOS 9. Even an old Apple logo in glass on a base is up for auction. It was listed this Friday morning at 64 euros.

Source: Catawiki

The iPod with its mechanical wheel, before the era of touch, is auctioned at 1500 euros. It must be said that it is more collector than ever with the announcement of Apple to end 20 years of production. A pink version of the iPod mini or a limited edition U2 are also offered.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 09.15.04
The i // Source: Catawiki

An iPhone 3G in its sealed box with accessories is thus announced at 550 euros three days from the end of the sale.

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