Apple headphones: why Tim Cook is pushing for it to come out quickly, even at the expense of quality

Samir Rahmoun

March 13, 2023 at 6:45 p.m.


Apple headset MR © © Concept by Antonio De Rosa

© Concept by Antonio De Rosa

Apple will present to us this year the very first edition of what it calls its mixed reality headset. But its upcoming release has not been easy for the giant.

2023 could well be a very big year in Apple’s history, with the launch of its first-generation mixed reality headset. A product that could well mark the legend of the firm with the bitten apple, but which has also been the subject of bitter discussions within the Cupertino company.

teams at odds

Apple is going to enter the world of virtual reality, with a headset that has caused a lot of talk. Indeed, if the augmented reality glasses of the Californian company still seem distant, the latter has made good progress on this project, the presentation of which is announced for the next school year.

But this progress would not have been smooth. In fact, it would have been made in opposition to the team in charge of its design. According to FinancialTimes, the latter would have indeed alerted the management, explaining that this helmet was not yet ready for its launch. The engineers would have preferred to wait a few more years. The operational team for its part was pushing for the fastest possible launch.

Tim Cook’s legacy?

And Tim Cook preferred to listen to them. He thus followed the advice of the director of operational affairs Jeff William, who occupies the post which was his before taking over from Steve Jobs, and pressed for the rapid release of a more limited product. Former project employees have reported a ” strong pressure to get to market “.

This mixed reality headset, which has been in development for almost seven years, is expected to hit the market at a price of around $3,000. It will be the very first product designed entirely during the Tim Cook era. Could this be the reason for a release as quickly as possible for a helmet whose second generation is already in the pipeline?

Source : Macrumor

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