Apple: iOS 16.5 drains your battery? Yes, but actually no. We explain to you

Merouan Goumiri

May 27, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.


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Do you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 16 and have you installed the latest update? Then you may have noticed significant battery problems.

If so, don’t worry. The issue should be resolved within a few days. We explain to you without further delay what it is all about.

iOS 16.5: autonomy problems impact the latest update

Last week, Apple rolled out iOS 16.5 to its users. Although this update does not contain any major new features, it still allowed the Californian company to correct several bugs that impacted the operating system. Various security patches have also been made for the occasion. Remember also that in a handful of days, on the occasion of WWDC, the Cupertino company will lift the veil around the new features to come in iOS 17.

That being said, let’s now come back to our sheep with the case of iOS 16, and more mainly its new update. The latest version released by the Cupertino company seems to be causing some battery-related issues. Indeed, a growing number of iPhone owners have reported on Apple’s support forums that their iPhone’s battery life has noticeably deteriorated over the past few days. Some even mention some overheating problems with their device. But what could be going on?

Problems that should soon disappear

Well, don’t panic, that would be completely normal. The website ZDNet reassures us by specifying that after being updated, iPhones must sometimes process a large number of tasks in the background. As a result, your device’s battery life can be drained in just a few hours. Thus, as soon as these invisible operations are completed, the life of your iPhone should logically return to normal. Phew!

iOS 16 © © sdx15 / Shutterstock

© sdx15/Shutterstock

However, if you notice that the problem persists in the following weeks, then it could be that the origin of the problem lies elsewhere. In this case, do not hesitate to consult the level of your battery in the settings of the iPhone. This can tell you which apps are consuming the most battery power. If one of these seems to be the cause, remember to make sure that the latest update has been installed.

Source : ZDNet

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