Apple is changing the rules: What iPhone owners now have to consider

If you don’t pay attention for a moment – and the nasty surprise follows on the next bill. iPhone owners could soon experience this horror scenario. The reason for this is a change in the App Store rules that Apple has announced. We explain what’s behind it and what you have to watch out for in the future.

More and more apps and games are switching to the subscription model. From the point of view of the provider, this makes sense: Instead of having to be satisfied with a one-off payment, they can regularly dig into the user’s pocket. Such subscriptions for apps, games and other content can be easily completed via Apple’s App Store. Previously, iPhone and iPad users had to expressly agree to each subscription price increase. That is now changing.

Apple allows subscription price increases without iPhone users’ consent

Future Providers are allowed to increase subscription prices without having to obtain user consent (Source: Apple). With the rule change, Apple wants to increase convenience in the App Store and prevent customers from unintentionally losing a subscription. According to Apple, this was often the case in the past when the message about the increase in the subscription price was overlooked. If you do not agree, the subscription will end at the end of the current billing period.

In the future iPhone and iPad users no longer have to actively agree to the subscription price increase, but only have to be informed about it. This can be done via e-mail, push message or a note within the app. If the users do not agree with the price increase, they must then cancel the subscription. Apple is changing from the so-called opt-in procedure to the opt-out procedure. The new rules also apply to the Mac App Store.

These apps should not be missing on your iPhone:

This is how Apple wants to prevent abuse

In order to prevent misuse, Apple also sets a few rules that the providers have to adhere to. Such a price increase may only occur once a year. Compared to the old price, the new subscription price will also be up to a maximum of 50 percent higher. Apple also sets limits in absolute numbers: the monthly price must not be more than 5 US dollars more expensive, the annual price not more than 50 US dollars. The same limits should apply to euro prices, but Apple has not yet officially communicated them.

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