Apple knows the Vision Pro hasn’t reached its ideal shape yet

Apple’s teams would allow four generations to reach the ideal form of the Vision Pro according to specialist journalist Mark Gurman.

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It would be an understatement to say that the Apple Vision Pro raises a few questions. What is such a helmet for? Is this really the future of our technological habits? Are we dealing with a stroke of genius or a huge error on the part of the Apple company?

However, whether we are ultra enthusiastic or super pessimistic – or somewhere in between – one observation often comes up: this first generation of the Apple Vision Pro especially makes us want to see what the American giant will be able to offer in a model really completely accomplished. That’s good, Mark Gurman, renowned journalist and specialist in information concerning the Cupertino brand, shares some interesting elements in this sense.

In his newsletter Power On For Bloomberghe says that within the Apple team working on the mixed reality headset there is a feeling of still having a lot of work to do before the device reaches its ideal form.

Apple Vision Pro Frandroid 2023Apple Vision Pro Frandroid 2023

Four generations before the ideal form of the Vision Pro

Some of the members of this team called the “Vision Product Group” would estimate that it would probably take four generations to reach this desired level of perfection. However, we still do not know what exactly this famous desired ideal shape corresponds to. However, we imagine that, in the specifications, there is the notion that users can really use it every day as naturally as a computer or a smartphone.

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And to refine everything, we obviously still need improvements both on the hardware and on the software part of the Apple Vision Pro. In some recurring criticisms, we find the autonomy still considered too tight, a weight which can be felt in the long run, a number of applications still too low and a few bugs here and there.

However, for Mark Gurman, if Apple succeeds in erasing these problems, the Vision Pro will then have the potential to replace the iPad. An analysis that we find elsewhere in the handling of Frandroidwhere we use the notion “space iPad» to describe the experience offered by the mixed reality headset.

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