Apple rolls out iOS 16.0.2 to fix camera shake bug

Deploying a new operating system to millions of devices is never an easy task. Apple saw it well with the somewhat chaotic release of iOS 16. The new OS, which offers lots of small innovations such as the ability to customize the lock screen, was also born with its share of bugs.

Perhaps most annoying was the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s tendency to wiggle its camera uncontrollably. Other problems marred the experience, such as complete blockages of certain models when restoring data or pop-up windows that interrupted navigation as soon as you pasted an element present in the clipboard. Other more minor concerns had forced Apple to deploy a new version (iOS 16.0.1) on the iPhone 14 the same day of their launch.

A few days after the marketing of the new mobiles, a new patch comes to correct the aforementioned bugs. iOS 16.0.2 is installable on all devices compatible with iOS 16 and erases all the little problems of youth that the operating system has known. According to the patch notes, this fix fixes camera jitter, keeps clipboard pop-ups at bay, and fixes iCloud data restore issue. . Some models of iPhone X, XR and 11, whose screen had been changed, were unable to detect touch input on iOS 16. The new system fixes this.

To update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your iPhone should download and install the new version automatically. This version can be installed on all Apple mobiles since the iPhone 8. If your terminal is not eligible, good news: you have probably not encountered any of these bugs. On the other hand, do not forget to install iOS 15.7 which contains important security patches.

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