Apple Stores will be on strike at the launch of the iPhone 15, you will surely have difficulty buying it

French Apple Stores go on strike on September 22, the day the iPhone 15 is released. The movement will continue the next day and risks causing difficulties in purchasing the new smartphone.

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This time, it’s decided. You are going to take the plunge and buy an iPhone 15. There are no 36 ways to do this: either you buy it onlineeither you go to an Apple Store from September 22, official release day of the new range of Apple smartphones. And as you have seen that delivery times for the iPhone 15 continue to lengthen as the days go by, you have chosen the second solution.

Bad news : a strike movement will affect many Apple Stores in France from September 22 and will continue the next day, Saturday 23. The decision was taken after a meeting between union delegates and management. It was particularly a question of salaries. The inter-union (CGT, Unsa, CFDT and Cidre-CFTC) is asking for an increase of 7%, while management is proposing 4.5% and one euro more on restaurant vouchers. In the absence of agreement, Albin Voulfow, CFDT Apple national delegate, confirms thata strike will take place in different forms.

Several French Apple Stores will be on strike on September 22 and 23

In total, 20 Apple Stores are affected, without specifying their locations. The impact will not be the same depending on the store. It will go from walkout for one hour up to the full strike over two days. A demonstration will also take place in Paris on Friday 22, place de l’Opéra. Obviously, the date was not chosen at random: “only one event is super important for Apple, and that is the release of a new iPhone. It is therefore to show how serious we are in this movement”, specifies Renaud Chateauroux, CFDT national delegate within Apple.

Depending on the sites affected, expect difficulties in buying an iPhone 15. In the best case scenario, you will simply have to wait a little while the walkout ends. If you are unlucky, it will be best to come back from September 24 or 25 to make your purchase in store.

Source: France Info

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