Apple: success in China and India?

Photo credit © Apple

( — Apple would experience some success with the launch of its new iPhone range in China, according to the first local reports. As of 10 a.m. Beijing time on Friday, sales of the iPhone 15 on the JD platform had jumped 253% compared to those of the iPhone 14 last year, indicates the CNBC site, or 25,000 phones already sold . The media are also getting excited about the queues in Beijing or Shanghai for the release of new smartphones… In India this time, Apple is expected to gain a larger share of the local market with its iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices at the high end. The group could reach 7% of smartphone sales in India over the period from July to December, compared to 5% in the first half of 2023. This is at least what the Reuters agency indicates, citing data shared exclusively by the Counterpoint firm. Wait times in India for the 15 Pro and Pro Max models extend until the end of October, mirroring trends seen in China and the United States.

Counterpoint estimates that the models will account for 25% of overall iPhone 15 shipments in India in the fourth quarter, a 4% growth over what previous-generation high-end models accounted for a year earlier.


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