Apple targeted by German investigation for anti-competitive practices

A new procedure targets Apple for anti-competitive practices. On the basis of a new law strengthening the powers of action against the digital giants, the German competition gendarme announced, Monday, June 21, the opening of an investigation against the American Apple for “Possible anti-competitive practices”.

After Facebook, Amazon and Google, ” a procedure “ has been “Engaged against the technological company Apple”, announced in a press release the Federal Office for Combating Cartels. “The Office has received several complaints against possible anti-competitive practices” of the group, said the institution.

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“The investigation will focus on the functioning of the App Store, because in many cases it allows Apple to influence the activities of third parties”, reported Andreas Mundt, President of the Office. The German antitrust gendarme thus seizes the extended powers which he has had since a new competition law adopted by Germany at the beginning of the year.

“Position of power”

Authorities will need to determine whether the company enjoys “Prime importance in the markets”. This qualification derives certain specific obligations, such as “The prohibition of self-referencing” or the establishment of “Barriers to entry” on its platforms. This law mainly targets the digital giants, accused of taking advantage of a virtual monopoly position thanks to platforms where they enact their own rules.

The App Store is therefore the only application download platform available on devices sold by Apple. This situation gives him a “Position of power difficult to attack for other companies”, according to the anti-cartel office.

Contacted by AFP, Apple assured to be “Looking forward to discussing [son] approach with the Federal Anti-Cartel Office and to have an open dialogue on its concerns ”. The American group is particularly present in Germany, where it recently announced an investment of 1 billion euros in an electronic chip design unit in Munich.

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