Apple: the Mac could become as easy to find as an AirTag

Used by AirTags and on the iPhone since 2019, UWB technology could make its way to the Mac. This is what certain elements identified in the latest beta of macOS suggest.

The MacBook Pro 14 M1

The latest macOS beta suggests that UWB localization technology could arrive on the Mac // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

What if your future MacBook became as easy to find as an AirTag? The question arises as elements required for Ultra Wideband (UWB) have been spotted by 9to5Mac in the code of the latest beta of macOS 12 (12.3). This discovery seems to indicate that Apple is looking to add this location technology to its future Macs. ” The latest macOS 12 beta includes the frameworks and daemons (parts of the system running in the background) needed to support Ultra Wideband technology“, describes the specialized media, quoted byCult of Mac.

To add UWB technology to its next Macs, remember that Apple will however need to integrate a U1 chip (or equivalent new generation). A component that can already be found on many other devices, including AirTags, Apple Watch, HomePod Mini or iPhones launched since 2019.

Apple tests UWB on Mac

As a reminder, UWB technology allows very precise location of the devices that use it. Via the Locate application, an iPhone can, for example, tell you to the nearest centimeter where the object you are looking for is located. Increasingly common on Apple products, UWB technology has not yet been integrated into all of the brand’s mobile devices and accessories. So, even if their format makes them easier to lose, iPads don’t have them… at least not yet. A few months ago, however, Apple improved the location functions of its AirPods Pro and Max.

In any case, the discovery of necessary elements for UWB technology on macOS demonstrates that Apple is performing, or has performed, tests aimed at enabling more precise location of Macs. It remains to be seen whether the firm will choose to add the UWB to them in the end. We also don’t know which models would be affected… would it really be relevant to add additional help to locate an iMac, for example?

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