Apple Vision Pro causes black eyes and severe pain in some users, caution

Is the Apple Vision Pro too heavy for its own good — and that of users? This is what some of them seem to indicate, who report slight health problems after wearing the helmet for too long. The latter would have caused neck pain, or even black eyes in some cases.

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If you are one of those who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in France – which according to some sources will not take long – you have probably consulted several tests of the mixed reality headset. Also, you have certainly come across the same observation several times: the helmet is very heavy. 650 grams to be precise. We say it ourselves in our test: impossible to wear the headset for more than a few hours, otherwise you risk being exposed to unpleasant side effects.

Some users still tried the experiment and obviously regretted it. Emily Olman notably developed a particularly unpleasant side effect. After being unable to use the headset for several weeks because the “the size was not suitable” to her face, she eventually ended up with very dark black eyes. Helmet “clearly exerted too much weight on my cheeks”she explains.

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Apple Vision can give you a black eye

But this heavy weight of the Apple Vision Pro can also lead to other problems. Ian Beacraft reports that the base of his skull began to hurt after a few hours of use. Then it was his back after only two hours. Here again, he blames the unsuitable size for his body shape for all these problems.

Other users, however, complain of headaches, or even a blood vessel in their eye having burst because of the helmet – although no cause and effect link has been proven. In short, if you think you will succumb to temptation when the Apple Vision is available in France, we can only advise you to limit yourself to small sessions, at least to start. Above all, remember to adjust the strap correctly so that the helmet adapts to the shape of your skull.

Source: MarketWatch

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