Apple Watch 3 for 169 euros at Aldi: is the offer really good?

An Apple Watch 3 for 169 euros?! Aldi Süd has such an offer in stock from January 27, 2022. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear why the price is so low. It is a refurbished version of the Apple Watch. Of course, that’s not a bad thing, but before you buy it, you should be clear about what it’s all about. NextPit tells you all the details about the offer and whether the deal is worth it.

  • Aldi Süd offers the Apple Watch Series 3 for 169 euros in a “renewed version”.
  • Renewd prepares used Apple products and resells them – a refurbished offer.
  • Price not outstanding, there are many uncertainties at Aldi Süd

Aldi Süd is offering one of the best smartwatches of recent years, the Apple Watch Series 3, from next week for 169 euros! At first glance a really good price. However, this is a refurbished product, which can be seen directly from the Renewd company logo.

To the offer page at Aldi Süd

The Dutch company RENEWD processes Apple products and checks whether they are technically flawless. The devices are then delivered to discounters such as Aldi and resold. The device comes with a new two-year guarantee and the professional overhaul prevents errors such as weak batteries or hardware errors.

The problem: With the current offer from Aldi, there is unfortunately no information on the condition of the watches. Even the brand name was changed from Apple to RENEWD.

You can find the offer on the Aldi Süd website! / © Aldi South

Is it worth buying the RENEWD Watch Series 3 from Aldi?

The 38mm version of the smartwatch is the only model you can buy from Aldi. If we look at the new prices for the watch online, it quickly becomes clear that you don’t have to pay that much extra for a completely new model. The best offer is from the online retailer “Alza” and here you pay 199 euros.

Even the larger models are available from other retailers at a great price. The provider Refurbishedstore also charges 199 euros for a completely overhauled 42mm version and also states the condition of the watch. Below you will find the two offers again.

When comparing prices, it quickly becomes clear that Aldi’s offer is nothing special. Although RENEWD states that it only uses original parts for the still current Apple Watch Series 3, there is no information on the condition of the smartwatches on either side. However, if you trust Aldi and want to do the environment a favor, then the Aldi deal is at least the cheapest you can find on the web at the moment.

Don’t feel like refurbished? Here are current offers for the Apple Watch!

If Aldi’s offer is too risky for you or you would rather like a new smartwatch, we have the latest offers for you here! In the price comparison you will not only find the latest offers for new models, but also in all sizes and colors.

If you prefer a newer model, then take a look at our Apple Watch comparison article! We also tested the Apple Watch Series 7 for you. In addition, the rumor mill about the Apple Watch Series 8 is already starting to churn. If the rumors come true, an outdoor version of the Apple Watch cannot be ruled out. You can find out more about this in the linked article!

What do you think of refurbished products? Is such an offer interesting for you? Let us know in the comments!

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