Apple would consider integrating Touch ID into the Apple TV remote control

According to a patent application filed by Apple, the firm could consider integrating Touch ID technology into the Apple TV remote control. A good way to strengthen both privacy and user experience.

Apple TV 4K 2021 remote control

The remote control of the Apple TV 4K 2021 // Source: Apple

It is a patent application filed by the Cupertino company with the US patent office which would suggest the addition of a biometric sensor system in the Apple TV remote control. This would therefore mean that Apple would think of integrating its Touch ID system directly into the device.

Say goodbye to passwords on Apple TV

Touch ID is already used on many Apple devices: on some iPhones, on Macs, but also on iPads. This biometric sensor is however still expected on Apple Watch. Touch ID allows authentication using the user’s biometric data, via a registered fingerprint. The user, instead of entering his password, simply has to put his finger on the sensor. Touch ID can thus be used to connect to your account on a site, download paid applications, pay via Apple Pay… and more.

Its integration on Apple TV would be very relevant, since it is possible to download paid apps or even rent video and audio content. Currently, the user must enter his password using the remote control. With the implementation of Touch ID, a simple press of the finger on the remote control would suffice, which would make the operation more secure, but also more comfortable.

Easily identify and separate profiles

The integration of Touch ID in this remote control would also make it possible to easily manage different profiles linked to the Apple TV. It would then be possible to reserve access to certain content to very specific users. Touch ID could then act as parental control, with a particularly reliable level of security – and impossible to override for children.

The patent further suggests that the remote control equipped with Touch ID could also control other connected objects in the house, in particular household appliances. However, it should be noted that this patent application was filed more than a year ago, in August 2019. There is therefore no indication that Apple intends to implement it soon …

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